Giovanni Giacalone


Raised between Texas and northern Italy, Bachelor degree in Sociology at the University of Bologna, MA in Islamic Studies at Trinity Saint David University of Wales and a further specialization in Terrorism and Counter-terrorism at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism-ICT. His areas of expertise are political and religious extremism and the street gang phenomenon.

He currently works as senior analyst for the Italian Team for Security, Terroristic Issues and Managing Emergencies-Itstime at Milan’s Catholic University while he also writes analysis and articles for InsideOver and Il Giornale online.

Giacalone is the country-coordinator for the Globsec European project “From criminals to terrorists and back”, with the objective of analyzing the crime-terror nexus among jihadist foreign fighters. From 2014 to 2016 he was an associate researcher for Istituto Studi Politica Internazionale-Ispi‘s “Observatory on Terrorism”. Giacalone is also currently a member of the Kedisa-Center for International Strategic Analysis based in Athens, Greece.

Author of the book “La Spirale Balcanica,” (the Balkanic Spiral) where he analyzes the issue of Islamist radicalism in the Balkans from its origins and the repercussions in Italy; author of the chapter “La guerra al terrorismo in Russia” (The war on terrorism in Russia) in the book “Rinascita di un Impero, la Russia di Vladimir Putin” (Rebirth of an Empire: The Russia of Vladimir Putin), where he describes Moscow’s strategy in the struggle against jihadism in the Caucasus; the chapter “I pericoli di una spirale balcanica” (The dangers of a Balkanic spiral) in Ispi’s “L’Italia e la minaccia jihadista: quale politica estera?” (Italy and the jihadist threat: which foreign policy?). He also wrote the introduction for “Il libro verde di Gheddafi” (Ghedafi’s Green Book) edited by Proudhon.

Giacalone has conducted  researches in Italy, Malta and the United Kingdom and has worked on several analysis for Itstime, Occhi della Guerra/InsideOver, Kedisa and Ispi on the penetration of radical Islam in Italy, the Balkans, Caucasus and Latin America. He has lectured security managers and law enforcers.










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